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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love that empty feeling

I binged earlier but I can feel the food disappear slowly. I just drank a diet Pepsi and I got a little fizzy almostbutnot burning sensation in my stomach. It was the best feeling I could have.
I am almost clean. And after my fast and I will be clean and ready to start ABC on Monday. This time it will be a bit more successful just because I will have the support of the GD in the forums on Pretty Thin.
I'm not happy, but I have that little tingle of pre-happiness burning the edges of my mind.
Of course I can't always embrace happiness because it's when I do that I let myself eat, which send me back to the dark place I don't like to revsit :(
I'm almost there.

April 12: 152 and dying my hair blonde :)

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